Launch of "Bon Voyage, Bluey" picture book

Learn French glossary with Bluey.
Learn French glossary with Bluey.
Book cover.
Book cover.

小橘子最新繪本《藍藍夢遊法蘭西》"Bon Voyage, Bluey" will be launched at the 2018 Hong Kong International Book Fair: July 17 to 24. HK Exhibition Centre: Booth 1C - C22. 

A rare and lovely picture book in English, colloquial Chinese and French about French culture with deadpan humour. Available at bookstores soon!

Click for 按 preview先睹為快! (pls note that pages in preview are random excerpts only)


128 pages. 英/中/法語。售價:HKD 98

“So French, so creative, so lovely and so cute!”

 “Bluey, c’est fantastique!”


最愛漫遊世界的反斗星藍藍,發夢來到西多士(French Toast)之鄉 - 法蘭西,大吃甜點過日晨,做個一日法國人。她單槍匹馬的馬卡龍黨大戰小企鵝皮皮的筆黨角逐總統,希望建立一個更自由、平等、博愛的世界。且看只會說bonjourau revoir的大頭妹如何漫遊搞笑「傻浮宮」,論盡法蘭西!

In Bon Voyage, Bluey, madcap Bluey and her penguin friend Pipi travel to France and have many hilarious adventures there. Written in English and Chinese (Cantonese) with a smattering of French, this colourful illustration book makes fun of clichés about France and shows why French culture really matters. A delight for Francophiles, Cantonese supporters, lovers of French patisserie and many more!

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25.10 | 12:57

Thanks! Pls reserve one for me, I will go to buy on Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm

25.10 | 13:13

thx! i have to prepare another copy for you. can send to you by courier once ready next week. pls give me your contact at for further arrangement.

25.10 | 12:08

It's digital drawing on photo. Signed limited edition of 50. $1800 with frame.

25.10 | 09:48

yes. digital drawing on photo.

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