Child's Play <童心未泯>

《童心未泯》小橘子展Child's Play - Solo Exhibition by Clementine

地點:樹樂集 Treellage Life Cafe, Taipei

台北市大同區民族西路33號 (捷運圓山站附近)


Latest comments

25.10 | 12:57

Thanks! Pls reserve one for me, I will go to buy on Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm

25.10 | 13:13

thx! i have to prepare another copy for you. can send to you by courier once ready next week. pls give me your contact at for further arrangement.

25.10 | 12:08

It's digital drawing on photo. Signed limited edition of 50. $1800 with frame.

25.10 | 09:48

yes. digital drawing on photo.

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